From the monthly archives: "December 2012"

About three people I know have read my entire book “Dogging Steinbeck,” which is for sale on as an ebook for a lousy $6.99 but is still in process of becoming a print-on-demand book.

Message from Bill Steigerwald, my marketing director:

“Dogging Steinbeck” makes a fine (i.e., cheap) Christmas present for anyone who loves Steinbeck or hates Steinbeck; who loves “Travels With Charley” or hates it; who prefers American road books that aren’t written by New York or Europeans liberals; or who prefers truth and fact in nonfiction books rather than fibs and fiction.

Since I didn’t have an editor or copy editor to save my from my imperfect and mad self, my unpaid, invaluable readers have been invaluable. white_font_cover_copy_for_pg

They caught many little mistakes of fact, typos or dumb writing, which I have fixed thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program that allows writers to easily add material or fix mistakes.

My friend Jim Dourgarian, aka Bookman, who’s a major West Coast book collector, a Steinbeck expert and an ex-newspaperman, saved me from my worst embarrassment.

I had at least 20 semicolons sprinkled throughout my book.

For someone who once told his one and only class of college students to never, ever, use a semicolon, as I did, it was shameful.

Of course, neither I nor my marketing director Bill Steigerwald will ever use another; again.




  • Infowars titling this “Shock Video: Cop Protects First Amendment” cracks me up in super depressing fashion. Looooow standards! However, over here, when the cop says the words “he doesn’t have to show you his identification” — well, when I wear my minarchist hat I love that so much.
  • Speaking of things that shouldn’t be celebratory but are: Patricia Spottedcrow spent almost two years in prison for selling 31 dollars worth of weed, but now she is free. Two years caged would be horrifying except that Spottedcrow was facing 12 years.
  • Once again, libertarians, privatizing prisons does not fix the problem of prisons. Don’t be that guy, you know, like the libertarian whose biggest problem with war is how expensive it is.
  • Jon Ronson on the artist who did those 50 self-portraits while on drugs which you may have seen on Buzzfeed or some other internet locale. 
  • Sometimes Bill Maher proves that he almost knows better and maybe doesn’t have to be such a hack.
  • Oh, the things on facebook that could help prove I am a scary radical. Ugh.
  • Islamic theocracies are not funny, but this is still sort of an amazing headline.
  • Go follow my friend Andrew Blake for Bradley Manning hearing tweets and reporting. Bradley Manning is important, pay attention.