Wouldn’t dream of trying to spoil anyone’s religious observance of this holiest of  Hollywood nights.

But in dishonor of the Oscars, the most successful public relations event for an industry in history, here’s one of my favorite quotes about Tinseltown and its products, which I captured in Beverly Hills in 1980 when I interviewed a very straight, very lucid and very funny Timothy Leary, 60, on his front lawn.

“The Hollywood system is really a company town, where everyone’s afraid. It’s run by crooks. It’s run by people who deliberately make these movies that make you feel bad, that make you feel helpless. They never give you a movie about good-looking men and women getting together, and getting smarter and moving and doing and getting something better. Alcoholic, rum-dum, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, you know, ‘Postman Rings Twice’ repeats and repeats and repeats… It’s a loser industry for losers.”