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  • Brian Doherty on Ron Paul’s farewell speech, with transcript over here.
  • It was all excellent and deliciously libertarian, but my favorite bit was this particular jab: “a society that boos or ridicules the Golden Rule is not a moral society.” You could have dropped the mic right there, Dr. Paul.
  • If you haven’t read Gene Healy’s The Cult of the Presidency, you must. Regardless, I was excited to see that he has an e-book that follows that topic into the Obama presidency. 
  • A drug legalization debate is happening in NYC tonight, and you can watch it stream live at 6:45 over here. It will include Nick Gillespie and a former DEA dude. Guess which one is on which side!
  • Mike Riggs for White House Press Corp. Except he would probably shoot himself, which is to his credit. 
  • Jonathan Blanks is not optimistic about the prospect of federal hands-off-ness in respect to Colorado and Washington.
  • One of the most positive Radley Balko articles of which I am aware. Kind of scared.
  • Secession! 
  • Which Paul says is “very American.”
  • Aliens?
  • This is very gift of a cassette tape for Christmas, age 9 or ten, though seasonally inappropriate. H/T Spotify is awesome.
  • “I don’t want people who are in poverty, in pain, or suffering, to suffer because it’s for their own good and they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I want to help them. I want us all to help them. I just don’t want to use guns to do it.” Penn Jillette is awesome, go read this Washington Times interview with him at once.
  • If you want to be a sex worker…
  • Wired seems awfully convinced that you are an enemy of the state, which is why they wrote about how the next president is going to kill you with technology.
  • Cracked post about secret languages includes an entry on nushu (which I just learned about on QI) which was the secret woman’s tongue in China.  It seems that a decade ago, there was only one woman who spoke it. That article has a little too much “boohoo, girls get educated now!” but it’s rather a beautiful thing that women not given education or autonomy, not even given the pleasure of the written word, found a way around that and made their own characters (phonetic, too!) I love humans for just reasons like that.
  • Reason TV wandered about the Bastiat dinner and asked folks what writers got them into freeeeeeeeedom and things like that.
  • Oliver Sacks is amazing. Oliver Sacks wrote a letter back to me when I was 13. Oliver Sacks has done more drugs than you might have guessed.
  • New York Times op-ed doc on Chris Williams of Montana Cannabis  who is facing 80 years in prison. Another Montana Cannabis co-owner, Richard Flor, died in prison in August, a few months into his five-year term.
  • “Police were forced to shoot a dog” during a narcotics SWAT search warrant on a house which contained an infant. Comforting! 
  • Michael Moynihan says everyone’s a big fat liar, not just Republicans.
  • Sometimes I wonder if Cosmo isn’t better than Esquire, just because Cosmodoesn’t think women have ever heard of politics and therefore nobody ever writes shit like this for Cosmo.
  • Winner and finalists for the W. Eugene Smith Grant for Humanistic Photography are worth a look. 
  • Football is boring, but a little bad-ass girl playing it with boys is worth a look.
  • Britain is awfully bureaucratic about contacting aliens.
  • Ron Paul Elected Ruler of Tiny Planet Inhabited by 1 Billion Tiny Ron Pauls” 
  • DEA responds to Reason re marijuana legalization victories, suggests they’ll keep right on being dicks, no matter the state law.
  • Mother Jones offers a more hopeful spin on legalization, noting that Eric Holder didn’t officially come out in opposition to Colorado’s Amendment 64.
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) has all your marijuana results from last night.
  • Ben Smith makes me cringe — in spite of the awesome marriage equality and marijuana legalization victories from last night — by deciding last night means “Welcome to Liberal America.”
  • Obama’s victory tweet is the most popular tweet of all time, and I was totally rooting for Justin Beiber there.
  • I hate weddings, and this is still insanely touching. Photography is awesome.
  • Except when it’s campaign photography, then the magic is pretty much beaten out of the medium.

“Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits; urge to: pump fist and poorly hardcore dance while screaming: “I ain’t no God damn son of a bitch!”.

-”Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle; need to: put fist in air in manner of fratty guy or hipster, both of whom sincerely adore “Don’t Stop Believing” but you hate that song. Flail extra from “they draft the white trash first round here anyway” line until end, scream “now the DEA’s got a chopper in the air!”

“Carry Me Back to Virginia” by Old Crow Medicine Show; must: do some sort of flat-footing while moshing and thinking about poor Confederate soldiers.

“Drunken Lullabies”  by Flogging Molly; used to while restless at age 15-17: actually run into walls of house, closet doors, due to lack of available mosh pit.

“Harlem River Blues” by Justin Townes Earle; you: wave your arms, clap, walk around and generally feel the gospel spirit, which is weird since the song is about committing suicide.

“Oh, Susquehanna” by Defiance Ohio; just: mosh with killingly folk punk earnestness, especially when the girl starts singing.

“Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance; unashamedly: bounce like the mallpunk you never were, even if you technically saw them open for Green Day in 2005, but didn’t pay a lot of attention.

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston; dance; for two thirds of the song, get kind of bored, think about how sweet Whitney’s eye makeup is in the video.

“You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man” by Loretta Lynn; country-slink a bit: think about numerous unavailable men who are attractive, apologize in your mind to Loretta.

“Calamity Song” by the Decemberists; sit up straight; write a few bracing words in a Microsoft Word doc because of that excellent beginning, nod because you are just so pumped for your montage of productivity, even if this song seems to be about the end of the world.

“Suffragette City” by David Bowie; dance, using more hips and shoulders than usual: repeat the words you know which are “hey, man” and “suffragette city!” and don’t forget “wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”

“Riot Squad” by Cock Sparrer; he’s in the riot squad: ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.