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  • North Koreans are slowly moving into the age of cell phones, but the real, worldwide internet remains only for people named Kim Jong-Un and a few choice others.
  • Drone hits Yemen less than a day after Obama wins reelection. New normal, people. A Republican would have continued these tactics with relish.
  • There’s talk of a Casablanca sequel, which is not the worst idea ever, since there was a treatment penned by the original writer, but also good Lord no let’s not. A treatment isn’t enough to save it, a full script probably wouldn’t be, either.
  • Look, I know that Rookie mag is for 14-year-olds in thick glasses, but it’s for teenagers and writers write about, say, how Hedy Lemarr was totally bad-ass. Do you understand how amazing such a magazine would have been when I was a teen? Do you understand that it still kind of rules, even though I am extremely old?
  • I still blame Gawker for being lazy, but clearly New York Times mag was the one encouraging Donderoooooooooo.
  • I am listening to Charlie Parr today, so you should, too. If only for his beard.