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  • Uuuuuuuugh. 
  • This photo is so hard to look at.
  • “Surreal” is right, I’m cringing, which may not be entirely rational.
  • Over at The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf has a fascinating look at the War on Terror as filtered through a 2003 highschool textbook.
  • The extremely talented Jim Epstein of Reason TV would like to remind us all that prices matter, yo. Check out his new piece “Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare.”
  • The extremely talented MY DAD wrote this here Kindle book on John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley fraud. Go, read, marvel at the Bill Steigerwaldness of it all.
  • The CIA has no privacy, you definitely have no privacy.
  • And privacy is important.
  • Good music actually comes from Pittsburgh. Even good, countrified  killing your abusive husband-style music.
  • Remember when I said I didn’t care about there being more females, or diversity-tastic folks in government? Here’s a much better summary of that feeling.
  • You should always read Tony Pierce’s endearing, Bukowski-ish Bus Blog, but let’s generally agree with him that The New York Post is awful for having such a lede. Bad, bad people.


He is the only person who has so far managed to make me wish I had voted today. [Update: To reward Russell for his awesomeness, I purchased a copy of his “Renegade History of the United States” since I have been meaning to read it for ages.]