Ethan Casey, a friend, is a seasoned book writer/traveler/foreign correspondent from Seattle who’s lived in Pakistan, among many faraway corners of the world. He’s not a libertarian, but when it comes to the use of drones and America’s serial war-making overseas, he’s on the right page as far as I’m concerned.

IMG_0195-1024x768From his website is this quote from his essay Drones: What are we doing to ourselves?

“As someone who has been blessed for nearly two decades by the friendship of many Pakistanis and of Pakistan as a society, the word “sickened” is far too mild to describe how I feel about the damage drone attacks are doing in and to Pakistan. And as an American who loves my own country, I’m concerned with the question of whether America is a free country – which I was raised to believe was the point of America – or some sort of consensual military dictatorship.”

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