The tearful Vice piece by Charles Davis about “The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media” has its good moments.

It’s always nice to see liberals outed as the phonies/economic illiterates that they are.

But here is a comment I appended to Davis’ commentary:

It was a good piece in one way — it used lefty values to torture the lefty people who so love to torture others by mandating that others pay “living wages” to their employees because the lefty people believe it’s the good thing for other people to do, but not themselves. This whole intern inequity thing is insane and is caused by stupid well-meaning minimum wage laws and the iron realities of supply and demand.

If there were no minimum wage laws enforcing $15 a hour pay, Fred’s print shop or the New Republic could just pay kids and other basically useless employees $5 an hour or $3 or whatever instead of the mandated $7.25. Or in the case of the idiot voters of Sea-Tac, Wa., $15 per hour. Unpaid internships are an invention that gets around that mandated-pay issue but still lets kids/useless employees work places they are otherwise unqualified to work, though only the richer ones can afford to do so.

So in effect, minimum wage laws (by putting a legal floor under hourly wages) help assure that it is only the already well-to-do sons and daughters of the well-to-do who can afford to spend their summers in DC of SF as unpaid interns. Also, if the noisy intern abolitionists got their dream and say, had a federal anti-intern discrimination law passed that mandated that interns be paid a living wage — let’s say $15 an hour — the number of interns across America would dry up overnight. Same thing for burger flippers: don’t look for any new McDonald’s opening in Sea-Tac — unless they are manned by robots. Ditto across the USA if McDonald’s workers unionize and get $20 a hour.

There are great advantages to being an intern. That’s why kids and inexperienced people take the positions, even unpaid ones. But like everything in (real) life, there are trade offs.

Though I enjoyed the article’s skewering of the liberal hypocrites and do-gooders who, per usual, want to force others to do/pay what they do not do/pay themselves, this piece is all about little rich privileged college kids who get the inside track to nifty internships with the power fucks inside DC — and then once they get there they want to paid real money.

If they had a clue, they’d know that the internships only exist because they are unpaid; and the jobs are paid nothing or virtually nothing because that’s exactly what 99 percent of the college kids are worth.

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